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Chlorine dioxide tablet

Two-component powders,  one-component powder,  and one-component tablets have the same efficacy with one another, but while one-component type is more convenient for dosing labors since Component A and Component B are already mixed in one bag with mixture of stabilizers. Tablets gains the most wide range of markets due to its overwhelming advantage of no activation procedure before dosing, including household applications and emergency water treatment requirement in out-door activity and so on.


Based on Research and Development center, we undertake diversified chemistry of chlorine dioxide technology. Products are developed accordingly to wide range of varied markets and different Standards (such as GMP Standard, Industrial Grade, Food Processing Grade) are applied in the process of manufacturing. Up to the present, tablet technology is still on the update and one kind of our tablets can stay in the air for days.


Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

Advantage Comparison with powder

  No Activation needed=Concentrated solution

is not a must.

  Less Dosing Procedures=Single-Sachet-Dosing

makes dosage easier.

  Fast Reaction Time=Dosing Efficiency Improved.

  Free from powder-dusting

  Make weighing and counting easier especially for small volume dosages.

  Make your idea of treating water in outdoor activities come true.

1.Parameters of Tablet



Chlorine Dioxide Tablets

(Mixed Already Type+ Dosing More Easily)


ClO2 Carrier + Activation Acids+Stabilizers


White Tablets

Tablet Weight±0.1g

0.8grams, 1grams,  Other Sizes made to order

Fast Release Speed

5 Minutes in 20 or 68 water

Insoluble Substance








Almost Odorless


One Package Only





1.0 grams


10.0 grams


20.0 grams


30.0 grams

Reaction Time needed

5 minutes

Activation Rate



Application Industries    

Targets: Disinfectant/Biocide/Algaecide

Industries: Water Treatment, legionnella Control, Aquaculture, Food and Vegetables Cleaning, Food Processing, Hard Surface Sanitizing, Odor Control, Flu Prevention.


Corrosive Proof Packing:

Inner packing: bags into drums or cartons or jars.


Read MSDS before operation.

Avoid using metal containers.

Keep away from children and pets, Swallowing tablets is harmful.

Avoid pouring product with water.

Gently stir the solution before dosing or testing only after five to ten minutes.

For small dosing, we suggest use all of the solution the day of making it.

Otherwise, solution should be kept in containers, dark, cool and airtight.

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